may, 2022

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May is Movement Month!

Part 1 Better Study Habits

Find out more about how different kinds of physical movement can help you study better.

I found a great warm up video (if you want to know why I found it, feel free to ask and I will confess 😁). This ‘Energising jazz dance warm up with Ksenia Parkhatskaya’ ( May not be for everyone but… it might help you get focused for study in the morning or after a long day of study when you are feeling a bit stiff… give it a try


  • 9:30am-11:30am Consultations. Work with Viveka, one-on-one, on your specific academic writing issues. Book via
  • 12pm PIZZA!!!join us to make and eat pizza  Academics Anonymous  (no confessions necessary 😉)
  • 1pm Walk & Talk – Join us for a walk from the centre to a nearby park where we will discuss how movement can help your brain
  • 7pm Reading Circle (via zoom) This month we will focus on Pomodoro+Movement (ie. 15mins self-reading, 5min movement break and reapeat).
  • Let Viveka know (via if you are interested in attending any of these study activities so she can keep you updated.
  • If you can not attend any of the above times let Viveka know what days/times you are available so she might be able to organise an alternative.

for more details contact Viveka

see updates via our Students of CUCSM Facebook page


Thursdays:  Consultations.

  • 10am-2:30pm, work with Viveka, one-on-one, on your specific academic writing issues.
  • 7pm, via Zoom
    Book via


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CUC Snowy Monaro

38 Bombala Street