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Carolyn Ewart – Chair

Iain Elliott

Gabrielle Curtin

Narelle Davis

Frances Robertson

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Our Team

Nadine Holland

Centre Manager

Nadine holds a Primary Education degree, but her professional journey has been primarily focused on adult education. After completing university, she began working in the vocational training sector and in 1998, she joined the NSW Police Force.
From the beginning of her career in the Police Force, Nadine aspired to return to the Police Academy as a teacher for new recruits. In 2001, she successfully secured an education role at the NSW Police Academy. While working at the Academy, she achieved the rank of Sergeant, became an Associate with Charles Sturt University and contributed to several thousand police recruits graduating.
In 2012, Nadine left the NSW Police Force, and relocated to Cooma, where she commenced her role as the Senior Correctional Education Officer at Cooma Correctional Centre. In 2019, she joined the Country Universities Centre as the Centre Manager of CUC Snowy Monaro.
Nadine's transition from a degree in Primary Education to adult education and her extensive experience in the NSW Police Force have shaped her career, allowing her to make a meaningful impact on the lives of many students in various capacities.

Han Worsley

Education Co-ordinator

Han is a passionate educator, gender inclusivity advocate, and public speaker. Growing up on the family farm north of Nullamanna NSW, population 40, has driven Han’s passion for rural and remote communities.

Han recently graduated from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Primary Education (STEM) and the Chancellor’s Commendation Award for the highest GPA. Prior to stepping into the Education Coordinator role at CUCSM, Han was the CEO of Country to Canberra, a not-for-profit supporting rural and remote young women and non-binary people, and was a primary teacher at Jindabyne Central School and the Finigan School for Distance Education. Han loves volunteering and working to create vibrant rural communities, and in their spare time, gets outdoors! Whether it’s hiking, biking, swimming, horseriding, or skiing - it’s all on the list. You’ll also find them tending to a solid houseplant collection, drawing native flowers of the alpine, and poorly playing a variety of musical instruments.

Han is excited to bring their passion for community and their teaching experience to the role - and can’t wait to meet all the wonderful students and community members of CUCSM.