june, 2022

2022 - Academics AnonymousCUC Snowy Monaro


Event Details

Academics Anonymous 12:00 pm every Tuesday
Discussion topic: Successes & Challenges

Where: Tearoom at the centre

When: 12noon every Tuesday (see our Students of CUCSM Facebook page for updates)

Why: Meet other students, have a chat and eat some lunch

  • Meet other students in the center,
  • If you are new to Uni get some tips on settling into study,
  • If you are returning share some tips on things you wish you had known when you started.

Bring your lunch and join us Tuesday for self-defined accountability and group support:

  • What are you working on at the moment?
  • Current academic successes?
  • Current academic challenges?
  • A good tip you have heard or discovered recently?
  • What tips and tricks are you in need of now?

or email v.hocking@cucsnowymonaro.edu.au


Year Around Event (2022)


CUC Snowy Monaro

38 Bombala Street